KINGSOFT OFFICE 2010 - OEM (Include Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheet)

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Kingsoft Office 2010 -- Microsoft Office compatible suite of applications. It comprises of Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation, all of which have a close resemblance to the familiar layout and functionality we are all use to. With a download size of less than 50MB, this is the smallest and fastest alternative on the market.

However, there are many other great features that will boost the quality and efficiency of your creativity or workload allowing you more time to do the things you like.

Kingsoft Office 2010 (KSOffice) Writer helps you create high quality letters, stylish reports and other professional documents more easily than ever before.
It's simple to use and contains all the functions you have come to know and depend on a high quality document system making it one of the most popular document processing applications within China.
However, there are many other great features that will boost the quality and efficiency of your creativity or workload allowing you more time to do the things you like.

Strong Compatibility

Kingsoft Writer provides a high level of compatibility with your documents, allowing you to create, open, modify and save in a variety of different formats including all of your existing documents regardless of where they were created.

Now you can communicate further than before.

Excellent Document Security

Protecting your document from unauthorized reading or modification provides an excellent way of ensuring your documents can be secured against a number of risks.
Choose from a whole host of document security options providing you with complete control over the way your information can be used.

Tabbed document switching

KSOffice Writers revolutionary tabbed document modes allow you to switch between multiple documents quickly and easily. Using the mouse or (CTRL+Tab) provides a host of new ways to create or manage professional content.

Saving to Adobe PDF

The Portable Document Format is widely used among the users all over the world. KSOffice Writer allows you to save your document as a PDF file with a host of additional document security functions. Permit or prohibit the right of whether the recipients can add, modify, change or print the converted document for an ideal solution when dealing with documents of confidentiality.

Improved Table Functions

Creating and improving the layout of your document is made more easy than ever before.
The improved table creation and layout features allow you to take control over the format of your information and re-size the individual table cells, insert sub tables and handle the positioning of your layout with a fluid interface and improved table controls.

Diverse Printing Choices

KSOffice Writer provides you with more printing choices. You can choose to print on one or both sides of the paper, or merge several pages into one when printing. By printing on both sides of the paper, KSOffice Writer prints the odd pages first. After finishing printing all of the odd pages, you don't need to turn the stack over because the default printing order for the rest even pages is descending. By choosing to merge several pages into one, you can adjust the order of the printing plates and draw the printing separator line as you like.

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